We want to address you as an incubator!

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You find the interaction via other channels too low?
You would like to directly address your target group "start-ups" and promote your regional events and offers?

You would like to have new, attractive start-up teams in your incubator?
You would also like to benefit from network of experts and investors?

Get started with NeoGo!

NeoGo is intended to serve as a perfect complement between online interaction (anytime, anywhere) as well as regional linkage.

This way, a perfect online exchange can take place on the platform, as well as valuable networking and exchaning experiences.

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    Target group?

    We want to target regional start-up incubators of any industry.

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    To help the community to support each other even better, recommend us directly in your community. If everyone in their community recommends NeoGo, we all benefit. We would also be happy to include you as a partner on our landing page and in our list in the platform. Please contact us HERE.

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    Incubators benefit from mutual exchange and best-practice experience from other incubators. Additionally, your exact target group - startups and founders - is on NeoGo. Thus, your target group can be addressed directly here. This ensures a higher interaction and reaction to posts and events - compared to other channels.