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NeoGo Community Rules
# Community Rules A good community works better when we all work together and follow a few ground rules, like everything in life. These rules apply to all our sites. ## Rule #1 – We are a big business family. Be good to one another. We are a community that supports each other. Personal attacks will be subject to removal or banning. We take that seriously. Hence, we provide buttons that allow our community to "*Report Comments*" and check if it contravenes our rules. ## Rule #2 – Follow rule #1. Seriously – the world needs more polite discussion and mutual support! Speak with integrity. Do not make assumptions and ask one time more than less to understand each other. However, do not take anything personally. What others say and do is a projection of their reality, their dream. ## ## Regel #3 - Feedback Please follow the feedback rules during any discussion, exchange or interaction: **Feedback provider:** * Respectful & appreciative * See good intentions behind action * First person * Honesty * Timely * Without pressure **Feedback taker:** * Do not justify * Accept * Check * Make changes in own action if necessary ## Rule #3 - Participate actively Share valuable content to improve our all community! Everyone wins if we help each other. ## ## Rule #4 – Leave politics in the politics forum, religion in the religion forum, and gender discussions in the gender forum. They are all important things to discuss, but they tend to distract from our core community topics. ## Rule #5 – Selling something, promoting an event or workshop Our main goal is to support each other. In every mentioned case, please contact us to find an appropriate way to promote your product, website, event, coaching, etc. Do not sell / promote something without our permission. ## Rule #7 - Feedback on NeoGo We are very interested in helping you all move forward as a NeoGo community. Do you have any suggestions, improvements, or positives? We'd love to hear from you to make our community even better!

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