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We want to address you as an entrepreneur!

Picture of an Entrepreneur

You have an idea and don't know how to implement it?

You already have the idea and are now about to start up?
Or have recently founded and are just looking for the first customers?

Get started with NeoGo!

Maybe you know it already. There are a lot of obstacles, ups and downs for you as a founder.
To belong to a community that supports you with problems and further development of your idea is essential for success!
NeoGo wants to connect you with other founders. You can also find other partners here, such as incubators, investors and experts. These will support you in your vision and plans.

The industry you are in does not play a role for us. Cross-industry exchange between founders is essential to think outside the box! Different perspectives, experiences and knowledge should help you to achieve success faster.

The NeoGo start-up community wants to support you especially in the pre-start-up and early development phase of your business. You are also very welcome in states afterward.

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    Target group?

    Every industry you are in is welcome on NeoGo! Cross-industry exchange is even more valuable in the community!

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    We would like to address especially new start-ups who are still in an early phase of idea development or have already founded a company and are in the early development phase. Of course, we are also happy to accompany you far beyond that!

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    You receive the best possible support from the entire community - online or even event tips for regional meetings. That means that you find partners through other founders, experts, incubators or investors.