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Please use the name of your organization as "First Name" and your legal form as "Last Name". Please also enter your categorization under "Group" -> "Organization". Please remember to enter your imprint incl. name of the board of directors after registration in your profile under "About". Thank you!

You are an expert if you have successfully completed a study program or an apprenticeship and additionally five years of work experience. Please specify where you are an expert in your profil. You do not only yourself a favor to be honest, but also other users will recommend you to others if you do an amazing job. However, users can also report to us that good quality is not provided. Then we will take a closer look.

You can find the community rules here.

In general, you can be an expert but also an entrepreneur. However, you have to decide how you would like to position yourself. If you want to change your profile type, contact us Please include a short explanation.

An intrapreneur is a person who is employed but acts as an entrepreneur. They work inside a company and develop innovative ideas or projects that will enhance the company's future. Intrapreneurs are often aware of different areas in a company like finance, product development, workflows, customer orientation, partners, etc., and incorporate them into their decisions.

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Click on your name at the top and then go to Account settings.
You can find the options E-Mail Summaries and Notifications.
Here, you can configure your complete notification settings.

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